QHow do I know more about your creations?

A: Download our catalogue or browse the “CONCEPTS” tab.

    Talk to us via the contact box or WhatsApp us directly!


QWhat are the affordable packages and prices?

A: Leave us a message and we will forward our package prices

    catalogue within 1 day via e-mail or WhatsApp!


QWho will I be liaising with?

A: Our creative team will be handling your enquires from the

     start to your actual day, FREE request for quotes!

QHow long before my actual day do I need to place an order?

A: Most weddings falls on a weekend and some are HOT dates,

     so reserve them early. After confirming your venue, you may

     start speaking to us for styling concepts!


QAfter confirmation, how much is the deposit?

A: Upon received the deposit order, a 50% deposit is required and

     the balance by cash on delivery!